Press release // Destiny 2

Become a Godslayer in Destiny 2’s New Boss Rush, The Pantheon

Separately, Cosplay Cosmodrome is back and bigger than ever this year

As part of Destiny 2: Into the Light, The Pantheon event launches today, a new PvE boss rush which will challenge all who dare to compete for glory. This event will escalate in difficulty, starting with four raid bosses in the first week, eventually expanding to eight consecutive boss battles in week 4. The Pantheon will allow Guardians to earn an array of valuable rewards, including Adept raid weapons and Exotic gear, with the completion of certain Triumphs. Achieving Platinum scores will yield the highest tier of prizes and is required to claim the esteemed Title of Godslayer.

The Pantheon Raid Ring will be available for purchase to those who have completed the necessary challenges during The Pantheon, offering a distinguished way to showcase their achievements with pride. This sterling silver ring is a re-envisioning of the iconic 2020 Raid Ring with a gloriously sculpted skull emblem. This special Bungie Rewards offer is available to players who complete all encounters from any tier of Pantheon by June 3, 2024, at 6:00 AM PDT.    

Alongside this event’s launch, two six-person raiding teams of content creators will battle it out to be the first to complete The Pantheon’s challenges, with modifiers that increase in complexity. The winning team’s captain will earn a life-size physical fabrication of the fan-favorite Falling Guillotine BRAVE Arsenal sword. 

The community members that are competing for the grand prize include:

  • Team Clyde

    • Captain - GsxrClyde 

    • Aztecross

    • iFrostBolt  

    • Above  

    • CbGray  

    • LanaLane  

  • Team Sweat

    • Captain - Sweatcicle  

    • PureChiLL 

    • Benny  

    • Evanf1997 

    • YellowsLight

    • SneakyBeaver

Last week, Bungie announced the return of the Cosplay Cosmodrome, an event that shows off the creativity that thrives within the Destiny community. Throughout the upcoming weeks, cosplayers from around the world will be portraying beloved Destiny characters, paying tribute to the narrative that is leading up to the conclusion of the Light and Darkness saga.

Here is the list of creative cosplayers around the globe who will be participating:

  • Willow Creative (The Netherlands) as Mithrax

  • Anhyra (Spain) as Lord Shaxx

  • Cinderys (France) as The Witness

  • Kamichan83 (Italy) as Crow

  • IlGritz (Italy) as Cayde-6

  • LittleBlondeGoth (UK) as Savathûn

  • Mowky (Germany) as Mara Sov

  • Solomon Taisa (Japan) as Zavala

  • WhereisDanielle (Australia) as [REDACTED]