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Bungie sets the stage for Lightfall expansion during Destiny 2 Showcase event 

Studio announces features and pre-order availability for next Destiny 2 expansion, reveals partnership with Epic Games to launch Destiny 2 on Epic Games Store today, alongside content in Fortnite and Fall Guys, and launches Season of Plunder in Destiny 2.

Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen expansions available for free on all platforms this week only.
King’s Fall World First Race to begin alongside reprised raid.

Today, during a special Showcase event, Bungie announced the first details for Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest expansion for Destiny 2, launching on February 28, 2023. Lightfall is the penultimate chapter of Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness saga and continues the epic story that has been almost ten years in the telling. In addition, Bungie revealed a new partnership with Epic Games that brings Destiny 2 to the Epic Games Store and sees content from Destiny appearing in two Epic games: Fortnite and Fall Guys, as well as Fortnite-inspired ornament sets appearing in Destiny 2 – the first time original Fortnite characters have appeared in another videogame series.
In Lightfall players will face Calus, the malevolent former emperor of the Cabal, who has returned to our solar system alongside the Pyramid fleet as a Disciple of the Witness – the cosmic nemesis that was first introduced in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Using abilities granted from a brand-new subclass Strand, Guardians will explore a new destination – Neptune’s gleaming megacity of Neomuna – which is under attack from Calus’s mysterious and deadly Shadow Legion.
Pre-orders for Destiny 2: Lightfall are available now and everyone who purchases the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition will earn the Exotic Auto Rifle Quicksilver Storm, and more, immediately.
Today’s Showcase event saw the announcement of a partnership between Bungie and Epic Games. Starting today, Destiny is now available on the Epic Games Store and players who claim Destiny 2 on the Epic Games Store by August 30 at 10 AM Pacific will also receive the Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Event pack for free.
As part of the partnership, Destiny content will be making its way into two Epic games: Fortnite and Fall Guys.
Fortnite players will be able to customize their characters with new Outfits depicting iconic Destiny characters Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger, along with new Destiny-themed Cosmetics including Back Blings, Pickaxes, and Sparrow Gliders. The Destiny-themed Cosmetics will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop later today at 5 PM Pacific.
Additionally, players will be able to experience a new Fortnite Island inspired by the classic Crucible map Javelin-4 from Destiny 2, developed by creator team PWR using Fortnite’s Creative toolset. More than just a remake, the Island also features “Control mode”-style gameplay, complete with unique weapons and ultimate abilities. The Fortnite Island is live right now.
Further, Fall Guys players will be able to descend on the Blunderdome with Destiny-themed Costumes beginning September 17, including Titan-, Hunter-, and Warlock-themed outfits, a new “Spicy Ramen” celebration, and other accessories.
Three new Fortnite-themed ornament sets will be available in Destiny 2 starting today, featuring a classic outfit design from the Battle Royale for each Destiny class:

  • Black Knight-themed Knightly Noire Titan ornament
  • Drift-themed Painted Kitsune Warlock ornament
  • Oblivion-themed Eternal Vengeance Hunter ornament
Today’s Showcase event also debuted the new Season in Destiny 2Season of Plunder Launching today, Season of Plunder follows Guardians as they chase down the escaped Kell of Darkness Eramis, who is scouring the galaxy for powerful relics. To combat Eramis, Guardians will form a crew of swashbuckling adventurers as they battle through brand-new activities and uncover secret treasures along the way.
In addition, for the next week, everyone can download and play the Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen expansions on any platform, for free.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

The former Cabal emperor Calus has returned, now a Disciple of The Witness. Calus’s Shadow Legion have overtaken Neptune’s capital and Guardians will need to bring the battle to the city to uncover a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us and the mastery to weave them anew.  
The Power of Strand: Lightfall introduces a brand-new subclass element in Strand. Tap into the invisible threads that bind reality, then grab hold and take control. Harness the power of Strand in ways never seen in Destiny 2: from weaving powerful attacks to pulling off incredible new mobility options (grapple, anyone?).  
A Neon Metropolis: Neptune’s pristine capital city of Neomuna is your playground. Explore the city’s towering skyscrapers and neon-drenched streets where danger, beauty, and mystery brim around every corner.
A New Definitively Destiny Campaign: Discover new abilities and new enemies in Lightfall’s epic campaign. Explore Neomuna, fight the Shadow Legion, and face the brand-new Tormentors – powerful enemies that will push Guardians’ skill to their limits. For Guardians who want an even more harrowing test, take on the Legendary mode for more challenge, and even better rewards.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Standard Edition

The Destiny 2: Lightfall Standard Edition is available for pre-order now and includes:
Lightfall Expansion
  • New Campaign + Legendary Mode
  • New Power: Strand
  • New Destination: Neptune
  • New Raid
  • New Exotic gear
    • And more!
  • Access to Season 20
  • Pre-Order Instant Unlocks
    • Exotic Ghost
    • Legendary Emblem

Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass

The Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass is available for pre-order now and includes:
  • Lightfall Expansion
    • New Campaign + Legendary Mode
    • New Power: Strand
    • New Destination: Neptune
    • New Raid
    • New Exotic gear
    • And more!
  • Access to Seasons 20, 21, 22, and 23
  • Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle, Catalyst, and Ornament
  • Lightfall Exotic Sparrow
  • Lightfall Dungeon Key
  • Rahool’s Secret Stash x4 (Once Per Season, Seasons 20-23)
    • 2x Ascendant Alloys
    • 3x Ascendant Shards
    • 1x Exotic Ciphers
    • 5x Upgrade Modules
    • 1x Exotic Cosmetic Item
  • Pre-Order Instant Unlocks
    • Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle
    • Exotic Emote
    • Exotic Ghost
    • Legendary Emblem

Destiny 2: Lightfall Collector's Edition 

The Witness's arrival is imminent. To prepare for this inevitable battle, the Vanguard shares Empress Caiatl's insights into Calus's psyche with you. Study Ikora's notes about Osiris’s vision of hope on Neptune, and discover the possible link with the Exo Stranger's mysterious pouka.   
The Destiny 2: Lightfall Collector's Edition is available for pre-order on the Bungie Store (EU and UK residents must purchase from and includes:  
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass 
  • Destiny 2: Lightfall Digital Soundtrack 
  • 8” Pouka Replica Figure with LED Lights and Stand   
  • Vanguard Lore Books   
  •  Letter from Zavala   
  •  Mini-Lithograph   
  •  Vinyl Sticker   
  •  Exclusive Collector’s Edition Emblem 
  • 10%-off Bungie Store discount code which can be used on a future purchase during Season of Plunder. Exclusions Apply. 

Season of Plunder

Guardians will take to the sea of stars in the Season of Plunder, launching today in Destiny 2. Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, has escaped from her icy prison and is now gathering a crew of outlaws to hunt down relics of dark power. To foil her plans, Guardians will recruit their own crews of outlaws and ne’er-do-wells in brand new activities, power up with the Arc 3.0 subclass revamp, and claim treasure throughout the system.
New Activities: Set off on swashbuckling quests in brand-new activities full of high adventure and non-stop action:
  • Ketchcrash: Engage in ship-to-ship combat to stop Eramis and her pirate crew from wreaking chaos across the galaxy in this new 6-player matchmade offensive.
  • Expedition: Assemble treasure maps, dig for treasure, and get it back to your ship all while fending off enemy pirate crews in this three-player activity.
  • Pirate Hideouts: Swashbuckle through weekly missions and relieve pirate lords of powerful relics hidden within their hideouts.
Arc 3.0: Harness the awesome power of the retooled Arc 3.0 subclass. Guardians can now use Aspects and Fragments to customize their Arc playstyle and bring the thunder with powerful new abilities for each class.
Gift of the Thunder Gods: New Guardians can get quickly caught up with the new Gift of the Thunder Gods, a free time-limited chest full of gear designed to help players quickly level up and get ready for adventure in Season of Plunder. Available to all players, the chest includes two Exotic and ten Legendary items and can be claimed in the H.E.L.M. area in game.

King’s Fall Reprised Raid

Also revealed during today’s Showcase is the reprised raid, King’s Fall, arriving in Destiny 2 this week. The raid, originally seen in the Destiny expansion, The Taken King, takes place on the Dreadnaught as players face down Oryx himself. The King’s Fall raid launches on Friday, August 26 and will be free for all Destiny 2 players to access.
In celebration, Bungie will be hosting the World First Race for King’s Fall beginning on the day of the raid’s launch, where teams around the world will compete to be the first six-Guardian fireteam to complete the reprised raid. The competition for World First begins on Friday, August 26 at 10 AM Pacific.
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