Press release // Destiny 2

Tune in August 23 AEST as Bungie Unveils the Upcoming Destiny Expansion and More

On Wednesday, August 23 AEST, Bungie will host their annual Destiny 2 Showcase to share more details on the upcoming The Final Shape expansion, Season 22, the next reprised raid, and more. The pre-show begins at 1 AM AEST on Wednesday, August 23, while the main Showcase will start at 2 AM AEST. After the Showcase, the live post-show will begin with a roundtable discussion about what to expect in the coming year of Destiny 2. For anyone watching on Twitch, Bungie has enabled Twitch Drops, gifting viewers an exclusive emblem if they watch for 30 minutes any time from the start of the Showcase until the end of the post-show.

To get fans hyped, Bungie released the Destiny 2 Showcase tune-in trailer that highlights reactions to Destiny’s story over the years: