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Destiny 2 Launches its First Episode, Echoes, on June 11

Bungie releases two new trailers: one for the launch of Echoes and one about the Year 10 of Destiny and beyond

Today, Bungie released a new trailer with more information on Year 10 of Destiny as well as a launch trailer for Destiny 2: Echoes, which launches tomorrow, June 11. Throughout the year of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, three Episodes will be released dealing with the aftermath of the Light and Darkness saga. Following Echoes is Revenant, which will feature a story centered on the Fallen with dark fantasy and horror themes. After Revenant is Heresy, which focuses on the Hive pantheon, bringing players back to a fan-favorite location from Destiny, the Dreadnaught. After the year of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 will continue with the development of Codename: Frontiers. More to come on this later.

After brave Guardians led the charge to defeat the Witness and stop its Final Shape, mysterious objects of immense power called Echoes were strewn across the system in reaction to the climactic battle. Echoes takes players on a journey to discover the meaning of these objects, leading players to Nessus where the planet is evolving. Working with Failsafe, Saint-14, and Osiris, Guardians will mobilize against an expanding army of Vex and a mysterious new enemy.

Each Episode released will feature three Acts, each about six weeks in length, with Echoes Act 2 launching on July 16, and Act 3 going live on August 27. Each Act will include new activities and missions, such as the new three-player Breach Executable activity launching in Echoes Act 1. Echoes will also introduce new weapons and armor, additional unlocks for the Seasonal Artifact and Season Pass, and more.

More information on Echoes can be found in the latest Dev Insights blog.

[Raid Belt Asset]

Guardians from across the globe battled to be the first to bring the final fight to the Witness, leading the ultimate battle with the allies of the Traveler. Congratulations to Team Parabellum for emerging victorious as the first fireteam of six to complete the raid on Contest Mode. All six members will receive World First title belts and will forever be known as the World First Champions of Salvation’s Edge. They will also receive custom art of their fireteam from Swedish 3D artist Ohlac.

Players who complete the raid before June 25 at 9:59 AM PT will be able to purchase the exclusive Salvation’s Edge Raid Jacket and the Sling Bag by Chrome Industries through Bungie Rewards.Players who complete the raid by October 8 at 9:59 AM PT will be able to purchase the corresponding Raid Pin. Those who complete all the relevant challenges will earn the Iconoclast title, and those who earn that title before December 31 at 9:59 AM PT will also be able to purchase the Iconoclast Title Pin. Once earned, all these products can be purchased from the Bungie Store.