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Tune in to the World First Race for the New Destiny 2: The Final Shape Raid: Salvation’s Edge

Fireteams will be competing for the title of World First

Beginning Friday, June 7, at 9:30 AM PT, Bungie is teaming up with Twitch Rivals to cover the new Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s World First race, where players will battle to be the first fireteam to confront the Witness in an epic showdown. Twitch Drops will be enabled, granting viewers exclusive emblems if they watch the Twitch Rivals stream, coverage by participating Rivals creators, or playthroughs by Destiny 2 streamers from 9:30 AM PT June 7 until 9:30 AM PT June 9. For additional rewards, in-depth details, and participation rules, check out the May 30 This Week in Destiny blog.

Contest Mode will be enabled with the launch of Salvation’s Edge on June 7 at 10 AM PT, when our bravest Guardians will confront the Witness inside of the portal. Fireteams who finish the raid according to the following requirements can earn exclusive rewards:

  • Complete the raid on Contest Mode within the first 48 hours.
  • Players will need to be at 1965 Power level to be at the cap for all of the encounters.
  • Completing The Final Shape campaign and the Wild Card Exotic quest is a requirement to launch the raid, but only the fireteam leader must meet this requirement.

The first fireteam to finish every encounter and loot the final chest will be declared World First and have their victory immortalized with Salvations’ Edge World First raid belts. The first fireteam will also receive custom artwork of their fireteam from Swedish 3D Artist Ohlac.

Players who complete the raid before June 25 at 9:59 AM PT will be able to purchase the exclusive Salvation’s Edge Raid Jacket and the Sling Bag by Chrome Industries through Bungie Rewards. Players who complete the raid by October 8 at 9:59 PT will be able to purchase the corresponding Raid Pin. Those who complete all the relevant challenges will earn the Iconoclast title, and those who earn that title before December 31 at 9:59 PT will also be able to purchase the Iconoclast Title Pin. Once earned, all these products can be purchased from the Bungie Store.