Press release // Destiny 2

Get an Extra Look at the New Supers and Aspects Arriving with Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion, The Final Shape

Watch Destiny 2 developers use new PvE and PvP abilities

Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, will feature three new Light subclass Supers and Aspects that will empower Guardians for the upcoming battle against the Witness. In this newly released playtest footage from Destiny 2 developers, players can get a work-in-progress glimpse of how the new Supers (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) will play in both PvE and PvP.

Guardians will unlock these new Supers and Aspects through the course of The Final Shape campaign, adding more options for buildcrafting and teamwork for the finale of the Light and Darkness saga.

The new Supers:

  • Titan (Void): Twilight Arsenal
    • Throw three Void axes that pull enemies in and explode, dealing heavy damage and weakening anything left standing.
    • Thrown axes can be picked up and wielded by the Titan and their fireteam as melee weapons.
  • Hunter (Arc): Storm's Edge
    • Hurl an Arc dagger that teleports the Hunter forward, where they perform a deadly whirlwind strike as they materialize for massive damage.
    • This can be executed three times per Super charge, allowing the Hunter to traverse vast distance and devastate enemies in their wake.
  • Warlock (Solar): Song of Flame
    • Warlocks become radiant, overcharge their melee ability, and their grenade becomes a sentient Spirit of Flame that seeks out nearby enemies and explodes.
    • Allies gain increased ability regeneration and damage resistance, with scorch applied to their Solar and Kinetic weapons.
The new Aspects:
  • Titan (Void): Unbreakable
    • Consume a grenade to create a shield that blocks incoming damage and absorbs attacks, which then can be released to deal massive damage.
  • Hunter (Arc): Ascension
    • While airborne, Hunters can consume their class ability and propel themselves upwards to damage and jolt nearby enemies, while also amplifying their fireteam.
  • Warlock (Solar): Hellion
    • Warlocks can activate their class ability to summon a Solar Soul that launches flaming mortars at distant foes, setting them ablaze.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga, launches on February 27, 2024. Pre-orders for Destiny 2: The Final Shape are available now, and those who pre-order the Annual Pass edition will instantly receive the Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle, Exotic emote, Exotic Ghost, and expansion emblem.